Simran Kapoor is an actor, anchor, comedian, writer and a tarot card reader by profession (lol,why am I suddenly talking in third person)
Let’s just skip the formalities:
I bring humor in the mundane routine things that people do. I also share some really crazy experiences from my life through blogs & vlogs. Nope, I am not one of those idiots trying to turn their twitter feeds into blogs and blogs into books.
I say what I have to say without any censors to it.
I am passionate, extravagant and relentless when it comes to making a point but at the same time open towards other people (I like to call them,aliens) who hold different opinions than me.
I love writing about romance and travel mostly because it takes me into a world where I would imagine spending the rest of my life.
I come from a “not so orthodox, but protective” Indian Family & I try to bring a change in the highly senseless,hypocritical and stuck up society norms through my articles. I have posed in front of mirrors as a kid draping my Mothers Dupattas and that goes in my resume as modeling experience. I tend to make a fool out of myself but I am brave as I always try to do something different.
I have struggled a lot to get where I am today and I hope to reach out to similar eccentric people looking for a little push to achieve their dreams.
Just work hard without losing focus and never give up, there is no other formula to success.
For the most part of it I wear crazy color wigs, pretend to be different people & hope to get picked up by the circus someday.
So come & run away with me into a world full of chaos, laughter, romance and “Siyappa“.
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